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I understand if you are not convinced already since you just got here. So why would you hire me over an established agency or your neighbor's kid taking a web design elective in high school? Well, read on to find out.

Optimized for speed

I prioritize loading speed when I develop websites. Your webpages will load instantly on desktop and mobile. According to Google, visitors are 32% more likely to leave your site if a page takes 3 seconds to load. That increases to 90% if a page takes 5 seconds. How long does your existing website take to load? What about your competitor's website? Compare that to any site in my portfolio.

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laptop, tablet, and smartphone


In 2020, it was reported that 68.1% of all website visits came from mobile devices. How many times have you been frustrated by a website that wasn't mobile friendly? All the sites I develop are built and tested to ensure 100% compatibility on desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Every site is guaranteed to be…


In the address bar for this site, you will see a padlock. That means this website is safe and any information you send or receive through this website is encrypted. You may notice other sites lack this padlock, but my sites always have it. Learn more about secure connections.

Search engine friendly

While I cannot guarantee your website will appear on the first page of a Google search, I do implement best practices to make sure your site gets its best possible ranking out-of-the-box.


Many of your visitors will have disabilities. Some are nearly or fully blind. Some lack finger dexterity. Some are color blind. I set font sizes, colors, element spacing, etc. to ensure all your visitors can explore your website with ease.

Still not convinced?

What's so special about all of that? You can get the same things from an agency.
Many people turn to agencies for their web development needs because they're established and provide many additional services. Well, it just so happens that there are three big benefits to working with me over some big macho marketing agency.

Quick turnaround

Agencies have a long backlog of work and a lot of red tape to work through. Depending on the size of the request, it can take an agency more than three months to complete a website or several weeks just to make a small change. If you're diligent about your responsibilities to the project, I can have your website launched within the month and I can have small changes done in as little as 24 hours.


Does anybody enjoy trying to communicate with big companies? No, nobody does, because it's a terrible experience. It's just a bunch of long email chains with customer service reps or automated phone directories. No, thank you. I talk with my clients directly via phone calls, texts, emails, in-person, or however they prefer and I'm very responsive.


Do you have any idea how much it costs to hire an agency to build your website? It can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some people reading this will not even blink at that, but I know many of you about fell out of your chair. One of the biggest benefits I can provide is I can build you an agency-quality website at a fraction of their price.

Surely, you're convinced now, RIGHT?!

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Still on the fence? Check out some of my completed projects over on my portfolio page. Contact the site owners yourself and ask them about their experience working with me.

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